Staff and Production

The effort

This documentary is an effort by an independent association of freelance reporters interested in raising the attention on the egyptian revolution and its challenges.

The work has not been funded by any public programme or institution since its beginning, but any contribution or any production proposal is warmly encouraged and absolutely welcome! Please contact us if you are willing to contribute.


The authors

This documentary is an idea of Tommaso Dradi, who has lived in Egypt and loves Egypt. He followed the arab revolutions since their beginning to their development, when he eventually decided to engage in reporting some pictures from the egyptian reality. He has prepared all the interviews, and couldn’t stop to ask questions even off air. He has developed the story, selected the topics and edited the whole video. He also composed and performed the original soundtrack of the documentary.

Katia Cazzola has further developed the documentary idea by identifying subjects, locations, and characters to be included in the video shootings. She took care of the photography either with the camcorder and with her camera,  collecting many beautiful stills across all the egyptian tour.

Amany El Miligy
A longtime screenwriter based in Cairo, and former lawyer, Amany has conducted most of the interviews in Egypt; her trust in egyptian people and passion for the subject of revolution has brought a great deal of enthusiasm on the set. Beyond her invaluable help onsite,  she gave an important contribution  sorting all the material in arabic language and reviewing the translations. The staff managed to stole an interview from Amany, so her opinion is also represented in the documentary, not only behind the curtains.


Special thanks

Marine Debliquis
Expert of middle east current affairs, she has worked at the press service of the French Embassy in Cairo. She gave an invaluable contribution discussing the revolution movement, suggesting people to contact and sources to check for information and analysis. Marine definitely joined the documentary in its early phase when the idea was first sketched.

Ossama ElMiligy
Among the interviewed people, he joined the staff in most of the shootings in Cairo, taking care of the camera and the whole set.

The documentary is the result of many oher people’s efforts, we can’t list them all here, but we do want to thank them all anyway!
Asmaa Youssef, Mohammed Shennawy, Ahmed Hefnawy, Muhammad Shahin, Vincenzo Mattei, Abdelaziz Sabry, Haiman Wassef, Orsola Sinisi, Edda Pando, Christian Iachini, Maisie Greenwood, John Joseph Viscomi, Antonella Matino.