The Documentary


“_Egypt -> a dream in progress” is a documentary about the hopes and the projects born with the egyptian revolution.
It’s a collective tale with a taste of grotesque: a conversation with the youth that ignited the revolution. It starts by a flashback to the january 25th 2011 and a jumps quickly in a future of plans, dreams, fears and optimism.

Visual arts, symbols,  mottoes and other forms of expression are linked together  to depict the new political and social language.


Target audience

The main challenge of the documentary is to be able to speak to the man on the street (of western world), who has no particular awareness of the revolution movement in egypt and across all the middle-east.
We try to reach the aim by telling stories from people to people, rather than overwhelming the audience with facts and notions about the legacy of Mubarak’s regime, the latest uprisings, etc.
Ultimately, this documentary aims to open a direct communication channel between egyptians and western people, providing tools for understanding the ongoing changes, with as less  filtering as possible.