Tears from USA

USA-Made teargas canister - Tahrir Battle
We are not referring to the latest news about Occupy Wall Street or other american events. We talk about an order of seven tons of tear gas canisters that Egypt received last Sunday from the USA. Yeat another way to export democracy. But US denies any misues by egyptian riot police during the lastest demonstrations.

As you can read by this article from bikyamasr, the NGO “Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights” filed a complaint to the general prosecutor on tear gas abuse by the egyptian security forces during the recent uprisings. Parto of the canisters were apparently expired (the same happened on January 25th, at the very beginning of the Revolution), and many doubts arise about their real content, since several intoxication cases were reported by demonstrators. The NGO demand to stop the import and employ of such devices proceeding from the US. But seven tons were already delivered last Sunday, and another 14 tons are on the way… the SCAF wish to make egyptians cry again, but when the smoke disappears, Tahrir square is always crowded…

The photo was taken on Nov, 19th by Jonathan Rashad (found on flickr.com).